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Electronic Communications
Sec. 800-16: World Wide Web Policy

Responsible Administrator: Director - Analytical Studies and Information Management
Revised: July 2004

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Contact: UCI Web Coordinator at (949) 824-6951

A. Background

The quality of information published by the University of California, Irvine plays an important role in determining and maintaining its reputation and image.

The University of California, Irvine makes its World Wide Web (WWW) servers available to support the mission of the University: teaching, research, and community service. WWW servers are also known as Web servers.

UCI Web services are brought together and organized by top-level campus Web pages. UCI's top-level Web presence is managed by the UCI Communications Office in conjunction with the campus Web Advisory Committee, which is chaired by the campus Director of Web Communications and includes representatives from the Chancellor's and Executive Vice Chancellor's Offices, Office of Information Technology, and others as appropriate.

B. Policy

It is UCI policy that information published, in part or totally, on UCI Web servers, or commercial Web servers funded, in part or totally, by University funds, and all users and publishers using University or University-funded Web servers must comply with applicable laws, and University and campus policies and guidelines.

C. Policy Violations

Violations of University policies governing the use of University electronic resources may result in restriction of access to University information technology resources. In addition, disciplinary action may be applicable under other University policies, guidelines, implementing procedures, or collective bargaining agreements, up to and including dismissal. Any restrictive action must follow standard University procedures that assure due process.

D. Resolution of Complaints

Any complaints regarding the application of the UCI World Wide Web Publishing Policy, regarding service restrictions or policy violations, shall be filed under existing University grievance or complaint resolution procedures, if available. When existing procedures are not available, complaints shall be reviewed through an appeal procedure approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor for complaints involving academic employees and authorized users, the Vice Chancellor - Administrative and Business Services for non-academic employees, or the Dean of Students for students.

For more information, contact the UCI Web Coordinator at 824-6951.

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