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Buildings and Grounds: General Use
Sec. 900-13: Policy on Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Responsible Administrator: Associate Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
Revised: August 2009

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Contact: Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252

This policy governs consumption of alcoholic and malt beverages on University premises under the administration of the Irvine campus. In every instance where consumption is permitted, the individuals and organizations involved are responsible for compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws, this policy, and other applicable University regulations.

The Alcohol Policy of the University of California, Irvine is intended to serve the entire University community while taking into account the variety of roles occupied by members of the community. The policy is intended to provide clear, consistent and constructive guidelines for the application of standards and expectations for the consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages on campus.

A. Statement of Philosophy

The fundamental goal of this alcohol policy is to encourage the development of an environment conducive to the intellectual and personal development of all University community members, while increasing awareness about alcohol issues. At all times, the University expects strict adherence to federal and state laws regarding alcohol consumption.

Inherent in this policy is the University's goal to develop a community where:

B. State of California Law

Important parts of State laws are summarized below:

C. University of California Policy

The University of California Policy on Substance Abuse, was issued November 1, 1990 and applies to all employees and students. The Policy complies with federal and state laws and includes special requirements for employees engaged on federal or state contracts and grants.

D. Campus Policy

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