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Buildings and Grounds: General Use
Sec. 900-13: Policy on the Sale, Service and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Responsible Administrator: Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
Revised: June 2014

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Contact: Hospitality & Dining Services at (949) 824-1492 or

A. Purpose and Applicability

This policy governs the sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages at UCI events and on University premises in accordance with the Policy on Substance Abuse and State laws related to alcoholic beverages. In every instance where alcohol consumption is permitted, the individuals and organizations involved are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable local, State, and federal laws, this policy, and other applicable University regulations.

Hospitality & Dining Services (HDS), a unit within Student Affairs, is responsible for the administration of this policy and should be contacted early in the event planning process. HDS offers guidance on UCI approved caterers certified to serve alcoholic beverages and on when the serving of alcohol may not be appropriate for an event.

This policy applies to all events including, but not limited to, those occurring:

On campus in licensed facilities: Phoenix Grille, Bren Events Center, Anteater Ballpark, Anthill Pub & Grille,
selected areas of the Student Center
On campus in unlicensed facilities: Aldrich Park, Ring Mall, departmental conference rooms, outdoor plaza areas, fields, the Chancellor’s residence when hosting UCI-sponsored events
Off campus on UCI owned or leased property: UC Irvine Medical Center, Anza Borrego research center
Off campus on commercial or private property
at events hosted by the University:
Hotels, private residences*

* This policy does not cover the non-event serving of alcoholic beverages in private residences on or off campus (such as inside residence hall rooms and residential apartments on University premises) or in commercial establishments when the occasion is not supported by University funds. However, summer conference events held in residential housing are covered by this policy and by UCI Student Housing policies.

B. Definitions

  Approving Authority An individual authorized by the Chancellor to approve the serving and selling of alcoholic beverages at UC Irvine events (see list below).
  Sponsoring Organization The registered campus organization, department or unit, recognized University support group, or off-campus "renter" organizing an event on University premises. For co-sponsored events, the entity primarily providing the funding.
  Event Any activity where alcoholic beverages will be served and where such activity will take place on University premises, use the UC Irvine name or trademarks, and/or be supported by University funds. This includes summer conferences held in residential housing.
  Primary Event Representative An individual 21 years of age designated by the Sponsoring Organization to act as their primary contact and to be present at the event to ensure policy compliance.
  Event Representative An individual 21 years of age or older designated by the Sponsoring Organization to assist the Primary Event Representative and be present at the event to ensure policy compliance. (1 Event Representative required per 50 attendees.)
  Event Location Approver An individual authorized to permit the use of a UCI facility space for an event.
  Other Event Sponsor Any other UCI entity or external organization co-hosting an event with a Sponsoring Organization.
  Certified Professional Server An individual over 21 years of age or older who has completed an alcohol server training program (such as TIPSŪ or LEAD) and can provide proof of certification to HDS.

C. Responsibilities and Authority

Only the Approving Authorities listed below can approve a Request to Serve or Sell Alcoholic Beverages.The Approving Authority assumes full responsibility for the event and compliance with this and other applicable University policies. Approving authority may not be redelegated.

UC Irvine Approving Authorities for the Serving and Selling of Alcoholic Beverages

Sponsoring Organization
Approving Authority (IDA 552)
Academic Affairs
   Academic Units
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; Associate Executive Vice Chancellor
Administrative & Business Services Vice Chancellor; Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of Research
   Organized Research Units
   Special and Other Research Programs
Vice Chancellor; Associate Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs
   Registered Campus Organizations events
   Summer Conference events
Vice Chancellor; Associate Vice Chancellor
   Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life & Leadership

   Director, Student Center & Events Services
University Advancement Vice Chancellor
UC Irvine Medical Center Chief Operating Officer

All members of the UC Irvine community and any non-affiliated visitors attending events are expected to be responsible for their drinking behavior and for the consequences of alcohol consumption. Sponsoring Organizations are expected to ensure compliance with State and local laws, as provided by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), this policy, and any other applicable regulations.

The Associate Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs serves as the UC Irvine liaison with the ABC (see IDA551, Liquor Licenses for Campus Facilities). Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs.

D. Policy

E. Support from Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors

All alcohol-related sponsorship agreements must be approved by Materiel & Risk Management (see Section 700-10, Policy on Non-Research Sponsorship and Service Agreements). If a donation has been made to support a program, the name of an alcoholic beverage manufacturer or distributor must not be connected to the name of the event itself, but may be listed as a contributor (see Section 700-20, Policy on Use of University Name and Seals, Campus Names and Seal and Trademarks). University property may not be used for commercial purposes except to the extent that the event complements services or programs supporting the University's mission (see Section 900-10 Policy on Use and Scheduling of UC Irvine Properties).

F. Liability and Consequences of Noncompliance

Failure to abide by applicable regulations covering the possession, serving and selling of alcoholic beverages can create personal and organizational liability. Sponsoring Organizations should be aware of their exposure to legal risk when violations of alcoholic beverage laws are permitted at their events.

UCI Police, Risk Management, the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs, and other officials responsible for ensuring compliance with University policies may recommend consequences for noncompliance. A Sponsoring Organization or individual found in violation of this policy:

G. Implementation

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