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Sec. 705-16: Guidelines for Stationery, Business Cards, and Collateral

Responsible Office: Office of the Chancellor
February 2009

References / Resources Contact: Chancellor's Office at (949) 824-5112
University stationery shall be used only in the conduct of University business. University policies on the use of the University's name, the use of the unofficial University seal, restrictions on the use of University resources for political activities, and University employees' correspondence with state and federal officials shall apply to these guidelines in accordance with Section 92000 of the State Education Code.

University policy governs design specifications and use for stationery, envelopes and business cards at UCI. For policies related to other printed material, refer to University Communications' Graphic Identity Standards.

A. Approved Stationery Format

B. Identifying Information

Location of names, titles, departments and addresses on stationery and business cards is dictated by University policy. The following information may be included on letterhead stationery and business cards:

To ensure that envelopes and address formats are acceptable to the U.S. Postal Service, the top line of the return address should read: University of California, Irvine. Changing postal regulations can affect campus addresses and address formats. See Section 801-10 for further information on proper address formats.

C. Paper Stock and Recycling

D. Computer-Generated Printing

E. Collateral Pieces

Other stationery pieces have been formatted to assist offices in preparing correspondence materials in a consistently professional manner. Contact Procurement Services for information on ordering:

F. Ordering Stationery and Business Cards

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