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IDA444 - Exceptional Approval for Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions

IDA 444

November 5, 2007

Executive Vice Chancellor
Chief Operating Officer, UCI Medical Center
Campus Controller
Vice Chancellors
Associate Chancellor
Associate Executive Vice Chancellor
Associate Vice Chancellors
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

RE: Redelegation of Authority - Exceptional Approval for Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions

There are occasions when the University may provide meals/refreshments to campus and/or community audiences to support the mission of the University. As with other University expenditures, authorized officials must exercise prudent business judgment in reviewing proposed expenditures for meals and light refreshments based on their reasonableness, allowability, benefit to the University, budget, and the availability of funds. In addition, such expenditures should be cost effective and in accordance with the best use of public funds. UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-79 governs the appropriate use of University funds for business meetings, entertainment functions, and other occasions when meals and/or light refreshments are served.

In conformance with the intent and restrictions of BUS-79, I am delegating to you the authority to approve expenses requiring exceptional or additional approval. This includes both expenses that exceed per-person maximum rates and expenses associated with certain types of activities.

This delegation of authority supersedes the May 8, 2001 delegation of authority from Chancellor Cicerone on the same subject (IDA 307).

Michael V. Drake, M.D. 

cc: Senior Vice President-Business and Finance
Universitywide Policies Unit
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Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services 
Chief Campus Counsel
Director, Internal Audit
Director, Internal Controls
Administrative Policies Coordinator