IDA525 - Appointments, Promotions, Demotions, Dismissals, and Compensation of Certain Staff Personnel

IDA 525

August 22, 2011


RE: Restatement of Redelegation of Authority - Appointments, Promotions, Demotions, Dismissals, and Compensation of Certain Staff Personnel

This serves as notice that I have redelegated to the Assistant Dean certain authorities that were delegated to Deans regarding Staff Policy 30, Salary. The related authority for appointments, promotions, demotions, dismissals, and compensation of certain staff personnel was delegated to Chancellors by Presidential Delegation DA 2087, on September 15, 1997, and then redelegated in IDA 381, August 4, 2004 [superseded by IDA 467, November 21, 2008; superseded by IDA 513, February 10, 2012].

In accordance with Personnel Policies for Staff Members and Personnel Procedures for UCI Staff members, you are authorized to:

  • Approve administrative stipends for temporary assignments, not to exceed 15 percent or the maximum salary of the higher level position when added to the base salary, or one year in duration;
  • Approve an appointment rate up to the midpoint of the assigned Managers and Senior Professionals salary range. In consultation with Human Resources, above midpoint appointments for Professional and Support Staff may be approved.
  • Approve a salary increase up to 15 percent upon promotion or reclassification for Professional and Support Staff and Managers and Senior Professionals;
  • Approve a salary change for a Professional and Support Staff lateral transfer only in consultation with Human Resources and under exceptional circumstances;
  • Approve an equity increase to correct an individual Professional and Support Staff position equity problem.

These authorities may not be redelegated.

Signed copy

Kenneth C. Janda

C: Counsel to the Chancellor
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Human Resources
Director, Internal Audit
Director, Internal Controls
Administrative Policies Coordinator