IDA547 - Bookstore Purchasing Authority

IDA 547

April 4, 2013


RE: Bookstore Purchasing Authority

The authority to execute purchase contracts, subcontracts, and standard purchase orders for material, goods and services to be supplied to the University of California, Irvine was delegated to the Chancellor by Presidential Delegation DA 2100, June 11, 1998. It was redelegated, in part, to the Materiel Manager by Irvine Delegation of Authority IDA 255, September 1, 1998.

An October 23, 1980 letter to Vice Chancellor Schwartz from Assistant Vice President-Business Management Levin gives the campus Materiel Manager authority to redelegate certain purchasing authority to the Director, UCI Bookstore.

As Director, UCI Bookstore, you are delegated authority to purchase items for resale in amounts not to exceed $500,000.

This authority is delegated provided that:

  1. Purchase contracts, subcontracts, or standard purchase orders are in accordance with Section 700-20, Policy on Use of University Name and Seals, Campus Names and Seal and Trademarks, in the UC Irvine Administrative Policies & Procedures, and any other applicable University policies and procedures;
  2. Funds are available;
  3. If required, approval of the contracting and granting agency is secured;
  4. Prior approval is obtained from the Treasurer of The Regents for any acquisition or lease/ purchase which contemplates or will result in the issuance of Certificates of Participation in order to provide funding for the transaction.

Approval as to form must be obtained from General Counsel for any purchase contract other than those made on the standard purchase order form or for any change in the standard terms and conditions. The Senior Vice President-Business and Finance must approve any change in the content of the standard purchase order form, purchase requisition, and request for quotation.

Any deviation from University policies and procedures must be approved by the Director, Materiel and Risk Management.

This authority may be redelegated further, subject to prior approval of the Director, Materiel and Risk Management. This letter supersedes the September 8, 1998 delegation of authority to you on the same subject (IDA 275).

Signed copy

Rick Coulon
Interim Director, Materiel & Risk Management

C: Associate Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services
Associate Vice Chancellor-Auxiliary Services and Resource Planning
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Director, Trademark and Licensing
Chief Campus Counsel
Director, Internal Audit
Administrative Policies Officer