IDA587 - International Academic MOUs and Agreements

IDA 587

June 5, 2017


RE: Delegation of Authority - International Academic MOUs and Agreements

The authority to execute agreements required with outside organizations, agencies, and individuals to implement approved programs and activities, whether the university is the supplier or recipient of the activities covered by the agreement, was delegated to chancellors by Presidential Delegation of Authority DA 1058, December 30, 1991. I am redelegating authority to enter into and execute international academic memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and agreements as specified below.

  1. Provided that the agreements do not commit UCI beyond the respective unit of the signer or involve expenditures in excess of $100,000 per annum:
    1. Deans are authorized to sign for their departments, divisions, and schools;
    2. The vice chancellor of research is authorized to sign for Organized Research Units, and;
    3. The university librarian is authorized to sign for UCI Libraries.
  2. The provost and executive vice chancellor is authorized to sign for UCI on a multi-unit and campuswide basis.

Agreements under this delegation must:

  1. Not commit the university to expenditures in excess of:
    1. The estimated income or recharges to be realized from the activities, and/or;
    2. Other budgeted funds available for such activities.
  2. Be prepared and approved per Sec. 700-31: Procedures for International Academic MOUs and Agreements and applicable university and campus policies and procedures governing the particular transaction, including, but not limited to, University of California Business and Finance Bulletins, any UC policy addressing international activities, and the UC Irvine Administrative Policies and Procedures.

This delegation does not include authority to grant, either directly or through collateral agreements, licenses, rights-of-way, or easements; nor is it to be used for transactions covered under other delegations of authority such as authority to execute purchase contracts; subcontracts, and standard purchase orders for goods and services; execute real property rental agreements (leases); solicit and accept or execute certain extramural grants and contracts, execute Health Sciences affiliation agreements with other institutions or hospitals; solicit and accept gifts. In addition, this delegation is not to be used for delegations established in Business and Finance Bulletins, such as BUS-34, Securing the Services of Independent Consultants; or in university policies, such as the University of California Patent Policy or the university’s copyright policies.

This authority may not be further redelegated.


Signed copy

Howard Gillman

cc: Chief Global Affairs Officer
Office of Campus Counsel
Associate Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Assistant Vice Chancellor–Accounting & Fiscal Services
Director–Purchasing & Risk Services
Risk Manager
Director–Internal Audit
Manager–Administrative Policies