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IDA622 - Redelegation of Authority: Copyright Ownership

IDA 622

July 13, 2020 (signed October 8, 2020)


RE: Redelegation of Authority – Copyright Ownership

The University of California Copyright Ownership policy sets forth chancellors’ authority for copyrighted works under their respective jurisdictions.

In IDA621 the chancellor delegated to me the authority to execute documents necessary for the licensing in the name of the Regents for any rights to copyrights. I am redelegating authority to you as specified below:

  • To execute certain documents for the Division of Continuing Education and Distance Learning necessary for the conduct of licensing in the name of the Regents for any rights to copyrights. Documents covered by this redelegation include:
    • Licenses to third parties to copyrighted works which are in the name of the Regents of the University of California which have been approved as to form by the Director, Industry Sponsored Research–Applied Innovation or Campus Counsel, and UCI Risk Services (with respect to indemnification and insurance clauses.)

These authorities may not be further redelegated.

Signed copy

David Gibbons
Industry Sponsored Research
Applied Innovation

cc: Chancellor 
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor 
Vice Chancellor–Research
Vice Chancellor–Division of Finance and Administration
Office of Campus Counsel
Dean, Continuing Education and Distance Learning
Director–Internal Audit
Controller and Assistant Vice Chancellor–Accounting & Fiscal Services
Risk Manager
Chief Procurement Officer and Director–Procurement Services
Manager–Administrative Policies