Items requiring approval from EH&S prior to release of the Purchase Order to the vendor

  1. Above-ground storage tanks for petroleum products, hazardous waste and hazardous materials
  2. Asbestos-containing materials (Asbestos Management Program - Operations and Maintenance Plan)
  3. Biological safety cabinets
  4. Canopy hoods, stationary/portable extractor (arm and nozzle) systems
  5. Carcinogenic chemicals
  6. Confined space entry equipment: body harness, tripod, winch, air monitoring equipment (for example, oxygen/VOC/multigas, LEL/flammable gas detectors). (Confined Space Entry)
  7. Controlled substances (such as, narcotics and other drugs)
  8. Dust or gas masks, respiratory equipment (Respiratory Protection Program)
  9. Equipment emitting any air pollutant (for example, combustion sources—boilers, furnaces, heaters, incinerators, kilns)
  10. Equipment with internal combustion engines, using gasoline, diesel, propane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), including, but not limited to: generators, fork lifts, tractors, mowers, trenchers, loaders, wood chippers, landscaping equipment (excluding automobiles)
  11. Explosives and blasting materials
  12. Fall protection equipment: safety belts, safety ropes or harnesses, scaffolds, platforms, window cleaning safety devices, ladders, hoist and descent control devices
  13. Fume hoods /fume extraction devices; ducted/ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods
  14. Lasers and masers
  15. Motorized Carts & Low Speed Vehicles
  16. Noise monitoring equipment: sound level meters or octave band analyzers
  17. Nuclear particle accelerators
  18. Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, including over the counter products that carry an EPA Registration Number
  19. Pressure vessels (except gas cylinders)
  20. Pyrotechnics
  21. Radioactive materials, or devices which contain radioactive material
  22. Reactor vessels
  23. Restricted-use materials
  24. Select agents (virus, bacteria, fungi, rickettsiae)
  25. Toxic gases
  26. X-Ray diffraction/fluorescence machines, X-Ray machines and UV lamp fixtures.

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