Policies & Procedures


Section 1

Business and Financial Affairs


Sec. 701-07: Collection of Accounts Receivable - Procedure

Responsible Office: Accounting & Fiscal Services
September 1997 (reviewed July 2012)

References / Resources

  • UC Accounting Manual
    • R-212-2, Accounts Receivable Operations

Contact: Campus Billing Services at (949) 824-2455

It is University policy to collect bills as expeditiously as possible. Money owed the University is due and payable when the first statement or billing is issued. An account is considered overdue if payment is delayed more than 30 days after billing and an account becomes delinquent if it remains unpaid 60 days after the first bill is issued.

A. Responsible Campus Offices

The following chart identifies the campus office responsible for implementing prescribed collection procedures for each of the various types of accounts. Questions concerning billings received or other collection procedures should be directed to the responsible office in each case.

Type of Account Office Responsible for Collection
Library Fines Financial Services
Payroll Refunds Library Fines
University Housing Housing Office
University Extension UNEX
Returned Checks Financial Services
Student Loans Financial Services
University Invoice
(Sundry Debtor Bills)
Financial Services
Travel and Cash Advances Accounting Office
Departmental Bills
($20 and under)
Originating Department

B. Delinquent Accounts of University Employees

Delinquent accounts of University employees, including employed students (with the exception of those on work-study), shall be recovered by deduction from salaries or wages if there is a written authorization from the employee.

C. Delinquent Accounts of Students

Undergraduate and graduate students may have their registration canceled for non-payment of accounts. Such action will be taken no later than the end of the quarter in which the account becomes delinquent and will be reversed only when the account is paid in full. Returning students who have outstanding accounts with the University will not be able to register for the next quarter until the account is paid in full.

D. Delinquent Accounts of Non-University Persons

Delinquent accounts of non-University persons, including students and employees whose association with the University has been terminated, shall be referred to a collection agency. In addition, the University will not issue transcripts for former students having delinquent accounts with the University. Accounts must be paid in full before transcripts are issued.