Business and Financial Affairs


Sec. 701-20: Business Meetings and Entertainment Guidelines

Responsible Office: Accounting & Fiscal Services
March 2016

References / Resources

  • UC Business and Finance Bulletin
    • BUS-79, Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions
  • UCI Delegations of Authority
    • IDA 444, Exceptional Approval for Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions

Contact: Accounting Office - Accounts Payable/Payquest at (949) 824-3662

University business and entertainment policy and procedures described in UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-79 govern the manner and extent to which the University may provide meals and refreshments for business purposes and defines approval authority requirements. University procedures specify maximum per person rates, certification and documentation requirements, and general procedures for reimbursement and are intended to conform to the Internal Revenue Service Regulations related to business meeting and entertainment expenses. UCI campus guidelines implement policy and procedures described in BUS-79.

A. Authorized Rates for Meals and Light Refreshments

The maximum rates include taxes and service. These rates do not include the rental of meeting or conference facilities, or audio/visual expenses, which may be charged as an additional expense.

The maximum per person expenditures are:

Breakfast $ 27.00
Lunch $ 47.00
Dinner $ 81.00
Light refreshments $ 19.00

B. Requesting Payment or Reimbursement

Employees can request payment or reimbursement by submitting an Entertainment (ENT) reimbursement e-document in the Kuali Financial System. Creating an ENT or any other Travel and Entertainment Management (TEM) e-document in KFS requires training, which is available via the UC Learning Center. Employees who do not have access to KFS should inquire about the entertainment reimbursement process within their unit.

  1. Accessing the Kuali Financial System

    In general, access to KFS is granted by your Department Security Administrator through the Kuali Security Access Maintenance System (KSAMS). After you've been authorized to use KFS, the system can be found in Zotportal under the KFS tab.

  2. Information Included in an Entertainment (ENT) Reimbursement e-Document

    A KFS Entertainment (ENT) reimbursement should include the following:

    • Date of the event
    • Type of event, nature of the occasion, or the purpose of the meeting
    • Location of the event
    • Type of expense (lunch, dinner, etc.)
    • Number of participants and cost per person (for meal/refreshment expenses)
    • Names of participants (a guest list may be attached)
    • Name of official host (when required)
  3. Required Receipts and Other Supporting Documents

    Expenses of $75 or more per occasion must be supported by original itemized receipts. Departments may require receipts for smaller amounts.

    These receipts and all other required supporting documentation should be placed in an envelope along with the e-document's coversheet and sent by campus mail to the scanning unit in Distribution & Document Management.

  4. Check Enclosures

    When a document (registration form, invoice copy, etc.) needs to be mailed with the check:

    • Mark "Yes" for "Check Enclosure" in the e-document in KFS
    • Write "check detail" on the printed KFS coversheet and attach the document(s) that need to be mailed with check
    • Send check enclosure documentation directly to "Payment Enclosure Processor - ZOT 1050." Do not send these documents to Scanning.
  5. Signature of Approving Authority

    Approval for official University business meeting and entertainment expenses must be at the appropriate level and granted by an individual with delegated authority for approval of such expenses. When a host is required, their supervisor's (or higher level) approval is required.

    Individuals must not approve the expenses of a person to whom they directly report nor can they approve their own expenses.

  6. Exceptional and Additional Approval (see IDA 444)

    Expenses that do not conform to UCI policy because they exceed the per-person maximum rates and/or include certain activities require exceptional approval for payment or reimbursement. Activities that require additional approval include:

    • Entertainment of a spouse (or equivalent) of a host or a guest
    • Tickets to entertainment or sporting events
    • Employee morale building activities
    • Any event that is social in nature (parties, recognition or appreciation events)
    • Cash contributions.
    1. Justification

      A request for reimbursement of exceptional expenses must include a written justification describing why the costs were unavoidable and necessary to achieve a university business purpose. This justification must be included with the KFS Entertainment (ENT) document

    2. Approval Authority

      Approvals must be obtained at the appropriate level as described in BUS-79, Section IV. and in related UCI Delegations of Authority (IDA 444).

C. Distribution of Payments and Reimbursements

BUS-79, Section V.B.8. directs that payments issued to reimburse business meetings and entertainment expenses be delivered directly to payees. Payments to vendors are mailed by Accounting and Fiscal Services to the vendors with relevant documents. Reimbursements to UCI employees are sent directly to the employee via electronic funds transfer or a check is mailed to the employee's department.