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Section 1

Business and Financial Affairs

Materiel Management - Procurement Services

Sec. 707-16: Procedures for Departmental Purchase of Library Materials

Responsible Office: Materiel & Risk Management
Revised: July 2010

References / Resources

  • UC Business and Finance Bulletins

Contact: Materiel & Risk Management, Purchasing at (949) 824-6516

A. Categories of Library Materials

Library materials include printed matter, their electronic equivalents, and commercially available software. The specific categories of library materials and their respective object codes are:

Object Code Category
6200 Books and Maps - General
6250 Books - Hospital
6300 Serials and Subscriptions
6350 Library Book Binding
6386 Serials and Subscriptions - Hospital
6400 Reprints and Microfilming
6410 Xerox and Reproduction
6450 Reprints and Microfilming - Hospital
6500 Sound Recordings
6510 Film and Video Recordings
6515 Rentals - Film and Video Recordings
6520 Instructional Computer Software
6530 Administrative Computer Software

B. Limitations

Purchase Amount
(per vendor per day)
Order/Payment Method
PALCARD Low Value PO Petty Cash Library Blanket PO High Value PO Payment to Vendor
without PO/Contract
Employee Reimbursement
Up to $100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$101-$500 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
$501-$5,000 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
More than $5,000 No No No No Yes No No

C. Methods of Purchase

An approved purchase order must be in place PRIOR to committing University funds.

  1. PALCard
  2. Payment (Reimbursement) to University Employee
    1. Prepare a PayQuest form and include the following:
      • employee's name and address
      • employee's US citizenship status, California residency status, UC employee status, social security number, and employee number
      • description of payment to be printed on the check or electronic funds transfer notification
      • full accounting unit (location, account, cost center, fund, project, sub, object, and source) to be charged and the applicable amount(s)
      • total amount to be paid to the employee
      • concise, but complete description/explanation of the payment
      • name, department, and phone number of the preparer
      • Note: Employees may be reimbursed for library materials and other items with a single PayQuest form. Separate treatment of library materials is not required.
    2. Send approved PayQuest form and original receipt(s) to the Accounting Office, Zot Code 1050, or deliver to 1400 Biological Sciences III.
  3. Low Value Purchase Order
  4. Library Blanket Purchase Order (LBPO)
    1. Low value purchasing limits apply, i.e., maximum of $5,000 per vendor per day.
    2. An LBPO may be established for multiple years. However, orders to be charged to funds with end dates must expire no later than the end date of the fund. An LBPO may be renewed.
    3. An LBPO is NOT encumbered on the Financial System.
  5. High Value Purchase Order