Business and Financial Affairs

Travel and Transportation

Sec. 715-01: Policy on Travel Authorization and Approval

Responsible Office: Assistant Vice Chancellor - Accounting & Fiscal Services
Revised: April 2008

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A. Authorizations

Official University travel shall be properly authorized, reported and reimbursed in accordance with UC Business and Finance Bulletin, G-28, related UCI Delegations of Authority, and UCI Travel Accounting Procedures.

  • Certain UCI travel policies may be more restrictive than the University regulations contained in G-28 and should be reviewed prior to making travel arrangements.
  • Individuals who travel on official University business are expected to utilize the most economical means available: University's Preferred Suppliers

B. Policies Applicable to Faculty, Staff, Students, and Invited Guests

  1. Authority to Travel

    Authorization is to be obtained prior to undertaking official University travel. Travelers who fail to obtain prior authorization may be personally liable for the expenses incurred.

  2. Approvals
    1. Travel Advances, Prepaid Expenses, and Reimbursed Expenses

      No person may approve their own travel advances or expenses. Approval shall be obtained from the next higher level of delegated authority. Travel Expense Vouchers will not be accepted for payment by the Accounting Office without authorized approval.

    2. Travel Funded Under Sponsored Projects or Intramural Grants

      Travel funded under sponsored projects or intramural grants must conform to the limitations prescribed by the sponsoring agency or intramural organization. When the travel regulations of a sponsoring agency or intramural organization differ from University policies, the more restrictive regulations will apply.

In addition to definitions provided in UC Business and Finance Bulletin, G-28, the following definitions, terms, and conditions apply to UCI travel:

Entertainment Expenses Appropriate University related entertainment expenses may be included with travel expenses. See Section 701-20.
Other Expenses Claims for expenses that do not fit into the categories defined in G-28 must be supported by an explanation of the nature of the expense and its University business-related purpose. Original receipts for any expense greater than $75 must be provided.
Adequate Lodging Documentation A written statement from a lodging establishment showing:
  • Name of lodging establishment
  • Location of lodging establishment
  • Date(s) of the traveler's stay
  • Separate amounts for charges such as lodging, meals, and telephone calls.
Registration Fees Reimbursement for any portion of a registration fee for optional entertainment is not allowed. Inclusion of expenses for guests of the traveler are prohibited unless a direct University business-related purpose exists.
Reimbursement Payment to an individual for actual expenses incurred and paid for in relation to official University business.