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Section 1

Business and Financial Affairs

Travel and Transportation

Sec. 715-22: Guidelines on Use of University Vehicles

Responsible Office: Facilities Management
Revised: August 2015

References / Resources

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Contact: Fleet Services at (949) 824-5535

A. University Policy

University of California vehicles may be used only for official University business and the acquisition, use and disposition of University vehicles must comply with University policy stated in the relevant Business and Finance Bulletins.

University vehicles are covered through the UC Self-Insurance program for bodily injury and/or property damage whenever they are operated in the course of official University business. Personal injuries to University personnel in the course of employment are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance.

B. Purpose and Application

These Guidelines describe the requirements of the campus units responsible for the acquisition, use and disposition of University vehicles. It provides resources for personnel in need of University vehicles, the responsibilities of departments and individuals requesting use, and the requirements for drivers of a University vehicle.

Only University employees, and individuals on official University business who have received appropriate approvals, are permitted to operate University vehicles. Responsibility for determining, authorizing and controlling official use has been assigned by the Chancellor to department heads responsible for programs and activities that require vehicle services. Use of University vehicles is not determined by whether the requestor is faculty or staff, but by whether use is intended for official business. Dispatchers in Fleet Services do not determine the appropriateness of use, but do ensure that an operator has been authorized and holds a valid driver's license for the type of vehicle to be operated.

C. Authorities and Responsibilities

  1. Fleet Services

    Fleet Services is a wholly self-supporting unit within Facilities Management and supports the use of University vehicles by:

    • Providing a limited number of vehicles for daily and short-term rental
    • Offering a fuel program that includes unleaded, diesel, bio-diesel and propane
    • Consulting with units to establish specifications for new vehicle acquisitions
    • Reviewing purchases to ensure compliance with State guidelines
    • Providing inspections, maintenance, and repairs of University vehicles
    • Maintaining an inventory of all University vehicles
    • Providing a roadside assistance program for University vehicles
    • Ordering and issuing State fuel credit cards.
  2. Campus Departments and Organizations

    All units with department-controlled vehicles must:

    • Identify a vehicle coordinator to ensure that department personnel are authorized and that departmental use is compliant with University policies and campus procedures associated with the use of University Vehicles.
    • Ensure that all University vehicles are appropriately identified according to University graphic and design standards.
    • Authorize all drivers of department-controlled vehicles by:
      • Confirming the existence of a valid driver's license
      • Obtaining approval from the department head
      • Ensuring compliance with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program requirements (see Section 905-20).
    • Participate in the University Vehicle Physical Damage and Automobile Liability insurance programs
    • Regularly inspect and maintain each department-controlled vehicle as required by Fleet Services.
  3. Purchasing & Risk Services
    • A department with a substantiated need to purchase a University vehicle for departmental use must consult with Fleet Services on their vehicle choice before submitting a requisition to Purchasing.
    • Purchasing & Risk Services administers the University vehicle insurance programs and advises on University risks and liability.
    • All DMV registration transactions are completed by Equipment Management.
  4. Drivers of University Vehicles
    • To comply with the EPN program, employees regularly required to drive University-controlled vehicles must maintain their driver's licenses and special certificates required for the performance of job duties, and promptly notify their supervisor of expiration, conviction, or other DMV actions against their driver's license or certificates.
    • Drivers of University vehicles must not park at airports or similar facilities for extended periods of time.
  5. UC Irvine Medical Center

    Vehicle requests and reservations should be submitted to the Administration Office at the UCI Medical Center in person or by phone: (714) 456-5678. Additional vehicles may be reserved and picked up from the campus pool.

D. Billing by Fleet Services

Departments utilizing fleet services are billed electronically through the University’s financial system for vehicle rental and other rendered services. Each trip is identified by reservation number. The charges for each trip are calculated based on the length of time period and mileage record.

E. Reporting Misuse or Negligent Operation of Vehicles

Reports of alleged misuse of a vehicle (unauthorized use or use for an improper purpose) or negligent operation should be made to the Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services. Each instance will be investigated in order to establish the facts and circumstances, to determine responsibilities, and to initiate appropriate action.

F. Roadside Assistance / Malfunctions or Damage to University Vehicles

Fleet Services provides a roadside assistance program for University vehicles and Fleet Services rental pool vehicles. Service is provided directly by Fleet Services during business hours and by outside vendors for after-hours requests. Damage to a University vehicle should be reported to the department's vehicle coordinator.

G. Accident Reports

In the event of an accident involving a University-owned vehicle, the driver must follow procedures established by Purchasing & Risk Services, including the prompt completion of an Accident Report form and damage inspection report by Fleet Services. Drivers and department vehicle coordinators should refer to the Vehicle Safety and Accident Procedures.

H. Disposing of University Vehicles

Vehicles must be disposed of through Equipment Management following inspection by Fleet Services.

I. Field Trips to Remote Regions or Outside the United States

Fleet Services does not provide rental pool vehicles for travel to remote regions or outside the United States. Vehicles may be rented from a contracted vendor or through the Connexxus Travel Program.