Electronic Communications

Sec. 800-20: ZotMail Guidelines

Responsible Office: Office of Information Technology
November 2016

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Contact: Office of Information Technology at (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu

A. Introduction

ZotMail is a web-based messaging system used to transmit authorized official business messages to selected groups of employees and affiliates on the UCI campus, to School of Medicine employees located at UCI Medical Center, to UCI Medical Center employees, and, in emergency or important business situations, to UCI students. ZotMail enables authorized administrators, including staff in the offices of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and Deans to send messages to desired groups of employees and affiliates using a password-protected interface. Official business messages include official University and campus business memos, publications, announcements, and newsletters.

B. Recipients

New faculty and staff (career, limited, contract) employees are added to ZotMail recipient lists when their records are activated in the payroll system as long as they have a valid email address. They are automatically included on all recipient lists. By using their UCInet ID and password, employees and affiliates may unsubscribe from lists. Messages deemed mandatory will be sent regardless of subscription settings.

C. Oversight

Guidelines for appropriate use of the system are established by the ZotMail Advisory Committee which includes a representative from the offices of the Chancellor, the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services, the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs, Strategic Communications, and the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

OIT is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ZotMail system. For assistance contact OIT at (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu.

D. Emergency ZotMail

As part of the emergency communication plan, the Chancellor, the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and the Vice Chancellor-Administrative & Business Services have the ability to use the ZotMail system to reach the entire UCI community including all campus employees, all UC Irvine Medical Center employees, all UC Irvine Extension instructors, and all registered students.

E. ZotMail Lists and Alternate Mail Systems

Employees and affiliates included in the ZotMail system are able to use a web interface to manage their subscriptions. UCI also has the UCI Mailing Lists Mailman system and the Student Electronic Broadcast System, both of which are managed by the Office of Information Technology.

F. Sending ZotMail

  1. General

    Senders should respect recipients by using the most directly related mailing list to avoid unnecessary network traffic and unwanted messages.

  2. When Messages May Be Sent

    Messages created by authorized senders before 5:30 p.m. are sent after 6:00 p.m. the same day. Messages may be sent during the day only by the Chancellor; the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; and, for emergency or non-optional messages, by the Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services and the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs. Messages sent by UCI Medical Center administrators to their employees and affiliates may be sent during the day.

  3. Announcing Campus Events and Activities
    1. Strategic Communications maintains the UCI Today website. This is the preferred vehicle for communicating announcements of activities and events. To contribute items, please visit http://today.uci.edu/event/create.
    2. Sending duplicate or reminder messages is not allowed unless the second message is to correct information contained in the first message.
    3. Messages sent on behalf of registered student organizations must have written approval from the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs.
  4. Content Restrictions

    Electronic messages must adhere to all University policies. No materials delivered through the ZotMail system shall:

    1. advocate an individual's or organization's political or religious position;
    2. imply University or campus endorsement, support, or opposition to a political, religious, or civic issue, or any non-University products, service, organization, or activity that has not been appropriately authorized by the Chancellor or designee (a copy of the authorization shall be sent to the ZotMail Communications Coordinator);
    3. be of a commercial nature that solicits, or would provide, personal and/or financial profit to a University employee or to a profit-making organization.

G. ZotMail Assistance

The ZotMail Communications Coordinator provides training and support to individuals authorized to send ZotMail from owner accounts.

For assistance and general ZotMail support, call (949) 824-2222 or email oit@uci.edu.