Communications and Public Information

Sec. 804: Strategic Communications Office

Responsible Office: Strategic Communications Office
March 2016

Contact: Strategic Communications at (949) 824-6922 or communications@uci.edu

A. General

The Office of Strategic Communications advances UCI’s reputation, mission, priorities, and values through an integrated communication approach that includes the following:

  • Brand development and management: Articulating the institution's distinctive qualities, creating a positive experience, and developing and protecting the university's identity, marks and graphic assets.
  • Media Relations: Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with members of the media—from digital publications and social networks to production studios and news organizations—to support the accurate, appropriate and fair use of university information worldwide.
  • Marketing: Developing effective tools and services to convey the university's message, including advertising, presentations, promotional pieces and events.
  • Publications and digital properties: Creating magazines, newsletters, websites and other digital content that advance the university’s mission.
  • Visual communications: Providing photography, videography, graphic design and other visual assets that tell UCI's story.
  • Internal communications: Providing outreach assistance and information for UCI’s students, faculty and staff.
  • Executive communications: Strengthening the presence and influence of university leaders—globally, regionally, and within the campus—through effective messaging and outreach support.

Strategic Communications provides information in a way that is accurate, credible, engaging and compelling. It uses a wide range of platforms to share the university's story—UCI Magazine, websites and social networks, university news and features in prominent media outlets, advertising and marketing materials, and visual assets such as photography, videography and graphics—all designed to build connections with multiple constituents.

The office also develops and monitors communication policies, procedures and standards to ensure a consistent, accurate and appropriate presence throughout the institution and with external audiences. It provides strategy, counsel, services and support to the university's schools, programs and units.

B. Campus Publications

UCI home page and top-level pages represent the University online and provide access to the broad range of campus offerings.

UCI News is updated daily to provide current information on University news and activities of interest to the campus community.

The UCI Today calendar is the most comprehensive listing of public events happening on campus or sponsored by UCI in the community. See submission guidelines.

UCI ZOTline is a weekly electronic communication e-mailed to faculty and staff, and provides useful insights and a digest of news items with links to websites for more information. See content guidelines.

UCI in the News, a compendium of articles featuring UCI, can be received by e-mail each workday. Contact ldwinter@uci.edu to be added to the distribution list.

UCI Magazine is published quarterly, either in print or online, and sent to alumni, donors, civic leaders and other key community supporters. Contact magazine staff at ucimagazine@uci.edu.

The Chancellor’s website provides information from and about the current Chancellor, as well as updates on campus initiatives.

The Year in Review provides an overview of UCI's research, teaching and public service activities, as well as annual economic impact, financial information and a selection of attractive campus photographs.

Facts Folder includes UCI accolades and distinctions, statistics (enrollment, work force, funding information) and frequently used contact numbers in a compact format.

The Campus Map is printed each year in two versions:

  • 8.5x11 format with complete legend of campus buildings and parking areas.
  • Larger color brochure with legend, UCI facts and figures and list of commonly used phone numbers.

The Campus Map is available electronically for departments wishing to incorporate all or portions of the map in their publications. It is against University policy, however, to alter the electronic version of the map without prior permission of Strategic Communications, (949) 824-6922.

C. Communications Resources

Meet the Media is a guide to working effectively with the media to tell the UCI story.

Brand and Visual Identity Standards outline campus policies on wordmarks, colors and graphic elements that create a strong visual identity. Downloadable files and examples are provided.

Browse the Image Archive to view and download high-resolution photographs for use in university print and web publications.

Nomenclature Guidelines provide the terms and usage rules when referencing the University of California, Irvine in text or graphics.

The Communications Style Guide is designed to achieve a consistent image across the variety of written communication materials that represent UCI, including brochures, news releases, periodicals and websites.

Contact: Strategic Communications at (949) 824-6922 or communications@uci.edu