Physical Environment and Properties

Buildings and Grounds: Banners

Sec. 900-32: Guidelines for the Design and Placement of Banners on the UC Irvine Campus

Responsible Administrator: Associate Vice Chancellor - Strategic Communications
Revised: March 2015

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Contact: Strategic Communications at (949) 824-6922

A. Definitions and Specifications

  1. Banner – Printed material attached to campus property.
  2. Pole banner – Printed material attached to campus street poles and walkway light and utility poles.
    • Street Light Pole Banners should be between 28" and 34" wide, and 84" and 96" high.
    • Walkway Pole Banners should be a minimum of 18" wide x 28" high and not exceed 22" in width and 60" in height (some areas may require the smaller size due to proximity of walkways or obstructions). Walkway banners must be a minimum 7' from the ground to allow pedestrian traffic. Whenever possible, they should be positioned over hedges and not across pedestrian paths.
  3. Bridge banner – Printed material attached to the exterior of an on-campus pedestrian bridge.
    • Bridge banners are permitted on the four primary pedestrian bridges on campus (Mesa Parking Structure/School of the Arts, School of the Arts/Humanities, Ayala Science Library/School of Medicine, Middle Earth Housing/Palo Verde Housing). Each bridge has two locations on each exterior side that may be reserved. UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop can provide maximum bridge banner dimensions for each bridge. Bridge banner design and content is subject to additional restrictions.
  4. Approved locations – Poles and bridges that have been determined by UCI Facilities Management to be suitable for banner display.

B. Scope

These guidelines do not apply to posters, flyers and signage that is addressed in Section 900-12, Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature and Materials.

C. Installation

Pole banners and bridge banners may be displayed only on approved locations and must be installed and removed by UCI Facilities Management. Use of outside entities is not permitted. Pole banners and bridge banners can be displayed for up to 90 days, based upon demand for use of the area and/or significance of the banners to the University.

UCI Facility Management determines whether the location and condition of a pole is suitable for banner display. Factors that render poles unsuitable include, but are not limited to, effects on pedestrian and vehicular safety, foliage obstruction, and other permanent signage.

D. Scheduling of Approved Locations

The UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop is the office designated to monitor banner placement, adherence to guidelines and policies, and to manage the calendar for all pole and bridge banner approved locations on campus.

  • The Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Communications has authority to prioritize posting of:
    1. pole banners on approved locations on campus streets, the Ring Mall Road, and in Aldrich Park (including the inner ring road).
    2. bridge banners on the exterior of pedestrian overpass bridges on campus.
  • Deans, or their authorized designees, have authority to prioritize posting of pole banners on all approved locations adjacent to their school's buildings that are not on campus streets, the Ring Mall road or in Aldrich Park.

E. Reservations and Fees

Reservations are open to UCI business units with departmental approval and Registered Campus Organizations (to be made by signatories registered with Student Affairs). UCI business units and registered campus organizations should schedule the posting of pole banners and bridge banners with the UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop.

To make a reservation, contact UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop at (949) 824-4871 or signshop@uci.edu. Reservations should be placed a minimum of three weeks prior to desired time slot. Additional lead time (from days to weeks) may be required for banner fabrication, depending on quantity.

The fabrication, installation and removal of banners is a fee-for-service activity. Users will be charged based on the services provided, such as fabrication costs, location(s), and number of banners. Estimates are available from the UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop.

Banner reservations will be held for five working days. A completed Online Work Request (OWR) with a valid recharge account number, or other payment mechanism, is required to complete a reservation for banners. Unless an OWR is completed within five days, the reservation will be canceled.

F. Content, Specifications and Design

All banners are subject to content restrictions as stated in Section 900-12, Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature and Materials.

All banners must conform to the University's style guidelines. Strategic Communication has a list of acceptable-use content. Department or business unit-specific iconography and wordmarks can be incorporated into banner layouts with the approval of Strategic Communications.

UCI Strategic Communication and the UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop are available to assist with design and fabrication respectively. UCI Strategic Communications must design banners to be displayed on the Ring Mall, in Aldrich Park and on street poles. UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop provides fabrication services and business units are encouraged to get an estimate from the UCI Facilities Management Sign Shop for fabrication and compare to off-campus options.