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Procedure 23: Performance Appraisal

Responsible Office: Human Resources
Revised: November 2004

A. References

B. Authority and Responsibility

Vice Chancellors, the Director-UCI Medical Center, and the Dean, College of Medicine, have authority and responsibility for coordinating the annual performance evaluation process and shall develop implementing procedures for their units. These procedures should include:

  1. Steps to ensure communication between managers, supervisors, and employees regarding issues of performance.

  2. Compliance with Personnel Policies for Staff Members and campus procedures for all evaluations completed within the unit. Managers and supervisors should be evaluated on their compliance with University policy and UCI campus and coordinating point procedures.

  3. Communication of evaluation rating results to the coordinating point for merit determination.

  4. Maintenance of performance evaluations in departmental/unit files.

  5. An annual evaluation of the performance evaluation process within the unit and modification of implementing procedures, as necessary.

  6. The employee's immediate supervisor, in consultation with the next higher level of management, is responsible for performing employee evaluations in accordance with the procedures developed by the appropriate Vice Chancellor, the Director-UCI Medical Center, or the Dean, College of Medicine.

C. Guidelines - Probationary Employees (see Procedure 22)

  1. Supervisors are encouraged to provide regular feedback to employees concerning work performance and general suitability for University employment during the probationary period.

  2. The supervisor shall conduct a written evaluation of each probationary employee at least once prior to completion of the probationary period.

  3. In addition to this evaluation, the supervisor may conduct a written evaluation at any time there is a question concerning the quality of an employee's performance or general suitability for University employment.

D. Guidelines - Regular Status Employees

  1. The performance evaluation process should include:

  2. All original written performance evaluations shall be forwarded to the employee's home department for placement in the employee's general file.

E. Applicability

All staff members, except employees who are in a bargaining unit that has an exclusive representative (union) and are covered by the applicable provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

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