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UC Irvine's Official University Policies & Procedures website, is the centralized location for campus and systemwide policy information, delegations of authority, and administrative organization charts. The website is governed by the Administrative Policies Officer.

Administrative Policies

UC Irvine's Administrative Policies and Procedures communicate the University's expectations for the conduct of its employees and requirements for the efficient and ethical management of University business processes. The revision and approval of these documents is coordinated by the Administrative Policies Officer, who also assists policy and procedure owners with the research and development of proposed policies.

Personnel Procedures

Personnel Procedures for UCI Staff Members apply to employees not covered by a contract with an exclusive bargaining agent (union) and implement systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members. Human Resources is responsible for updating campus procedures so they align with systemwide personnel policies.

Delegations of Authority

UC Irvine Delegation of Authority Letters are prepared according to systemwide standards and cover specific topics permitted by the UC Board of Regents. The research, preparation, distribution, and retention of these Letters is managed by the Administrative Policies Officer.

Organization Charts

UC Irvine's Administrative Organization Charts show senior campus administrators in each coordinating point and indicate areas of responsibility and reporting relationships for major organizational units at the UC Irvine campus and medical center. Revisions are implemented by the Administrative Policies Officer after approval by the coordinating point.

Conflict of Interest

Public disclosure of private economic interests is required of those employees designated in the UC Conflict of Interest Code. The Conflict of Interest Coordinator communicates requirements to designated employees and offers advisement to the campus community on potential conflict of interest risks and California's Political Reform Act (see Policies on Gifts, Gratuities and Conflict of Interest).


Advice on the use and application of policy information is provided to the campus community upon request. Owners of campus policy information are reminded that a review of their material is required at least every three years. Employees are notified bi-annually via ZotMail of new and revised campus and systemwide directives (see Updates).


Administrative Policies Officer
& Conflict of Interest Coordinator
345C Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1025
(949) 824-8713