IDA 107

IDA107 - Private Aircraft

IDA 107

April 2, 1994


RE: Delegation of Authority to Approve Use of Private Aircraft

The Campus Risk Manager is delegated the authority to approve the use of privately-owned aircraft for official University travel subject to the following conditions:

  1. The University cannot nor will not assume any liability nor endorse this mode of transportation for official University business as the University has control over neither the mechanical nor the maintenance aspects of privately-owned aircraft, nor other variables such as weather, pilot error, etc.
  2. Before a privately-owned aircraft (including a rented aircraft) is used for official travel, the traveler must register with and obtain the written approval of the Campus Risk Manager. The pilot must have a private license; have logged at least 10 hours of flight time within the preceding 90 days as a pilot in command of an aircraft of the same make and model as the one to be used in the trip (the pilot's log book must be presented to substantiate the above requirements); have a current pilot history form on file in the Office of Risk Management, Office of the President; and provide evidence of Aviation Liability Insurance coverage with a minimum combined single limit of $1 million, naming The Regents as additional insured. In addition to carry passengers, the pilot must either have logged at least 500 hours of flight time as a licensed private pilot in command of an aircraft, or possess a valid commercial (or higher type) pilot's license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

    For purposes of the foregoing rule, anyone traveling in the aircraft other than the pilot is considered to be a passenger. Transportation expenses for a flight carrying passengers shall not be reimbursed if the University pilot does not possess the above qualifications.

  3. When a University traveler has obtained prior approval to use a privately-owned aircraft, and has submitted an approved Travel Expense Voucher, reimbursement for use of privately-owned aircraft will be made at the rate per statute mile shown in Section 715-11, Exhibit B, of the Campus Policy and Procedures Manual with mileage computed on the basis of the shortest air route from origin to destination. The claim for reimbursement shall show the aircraft registration number, and shall be clearly marked "Air Miles." When the claim is substantiated by a receipt, reimbursement shall be made for actual landing and parking fees. Reimbursement will not be allowed for storage or parking fees at the location where the aircraft is normally stored.

This authority may not be redelegated further and supersedes Chancellor Peltason's July 15, 1985 delegation of authority on the same subject.

Laurel L. Wilkening

cc: Vice Chancellor-Administrative and Business Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies