IDA 290

IDA290 - Employee Non-Cash Awards

IDA 290

June 22, 1999


RE: Redelegation of Authority - Employee Non-Cash Awards

The University acknowledges certain important events in the lives of its employees. The exact manner in which this is done may vary depending on circumstances. Events that are specifically included within the scope of these guidelines are: retirement, noteworthy accomplishment, and the death of an employee or member of their family. The restrictions on gifts are to avoid creating taxable income to the recipient to the maximum extent possible.

Business and Finance Bulletin G-41 authorizes Department heads to approve requests to reimburse within policy expenses for employee non-cash awards and sympathy gifts. (A Form U242-1, Signature Authorization or Cancellation Form must be on file for individuals who have this authority.)

Allowable exceptions are listed in the policy. Requests for exceptions must specify the type of award, the purpose of the award, the special circumstances that require such an exception, and the name of the employee for whom the exception will be granted.

I am redelegating my authority to approve exceptions to this policy to:

Executive Vice Chancellor
Associate Executive Vice Chancellors
Vice Chancellors
Executive Director, UCI Medical Center
Associate Vice Chancellors
Assistant Vice Chancellors
Deputy Directors, UCI Medical Center
Academic Deans
Dean, University Extension & Dir. Summer Sessions
University Librarian
Chair, Department of Information & Computer Science
Director of Athletics

In accordance with Business and Finance Bulletin G-41, this authority may not be redelegated further.


Ralph J. Cicerone

cc: Special Assistant, Coordination & Review
Executive Vice Chancellor
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Academic Personnel
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Accounting and Fiscal Services
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Human Resources
Counsel to the Chancellor
Director, Internal Audit
Director, Internal Controls
Coordinator, Campus Administrative Policies