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IDA449 - Honoraria


IDA 449

February 20, 2008


RE:  Delegation of Authority – Honoraria

An honorarium is a payment granted in recognition of a special service or distinguished achievement for which custom or propriety forbids any fixed business price to be set, according to UC Accounting Manual D-371-35. Guidelines for determining what is considered an honorarium within the UC community are attached.

Generally, honoraria are paid to persons of scholarly or professional standing in conjunction with an academic activity. Both employees of the University of California and non-employees are eligible to receive honorarium payments and are subject to the limitations stated below.

Honoraria to UC Faculty

The Executive Vice Chancellor is delegated the authority to approve payment of honoraria to UC faculty up to $1,000 per event for one or more days and exceptions up to $2,000 per event.

All requests for additional compensation to University of California faculty members must comply with Section 666 of the Academic Personnel Manual and be sent to the Office of Academic Personnel for review prior to approval by the Executive Vice Chancellor.

All Other Honoraria

Vice Chancellors, Deans, and the Chief Executive Officer, UC Irvine Medical Center, are delegated the authority to approve payment of honoraria up to $5,000 for non-UC faculty. This authority may not be redelegated further.

The Executive Vice Chancellor is delegated the authority to approve payment of honoraria up to $10,000. This authority may be redelegated to one deputy administrator.

This Delegation of Authority supersedes my March 30, 2006 delegation, IDA 420, on the same subject.

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Michael V. Drake, M.D.

Attachment: Guidelines for Determining Honoraria Within the UC Community

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Guidelines for Determining Honoraria Within the UC Community
(Attachment to IDA 449, Redelegation of Authority - Honoraria)

To avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended that the amount of the honorarium be specified in an agreement or in correspondence with the individual who will receive the honorarium. A copy of the agreement or correspondence should accompany the request for payment.

For eligible UC faculty, an honorarium is a special payment that normally falls into one of the following categories:

1. A payment for giving a special lecture or a short series of such lectures. (See Academic Personnel Manual Section 666 for more information.)

2. A payment for participating in a campus sponsored program review for a campus other than the faculty member's home campus. (See Academic Personnel Manual Section 666 for more information.)

3. A payment for a concert or other creative work on any UC campus. (See Academic Personnel Manual Section 666 for more information.)

UC faculty members that are members of the Senior Management Group are not eligible to receive honoraria from any UC program, per Senior Management Personnel Policy II-30 Salary. A Senior Manager who is appointed at 100 percent time shall not receive additional compensation from the University for any work or services, regardless of source or type of payment.

Within the University community and its activities, honorarium payments for those who are not UC Faculty include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Payment for conducting a seminar or a workshop of no more than two-week's duration.

2. Payment for a musical demonstration related to Music Department instruction.

3. Payment for a guest speaker at a commencement exercise or other similar function.

4. Payment for an appraisal of an article to be submitted to a professional publication.

5. Payment to Continuation Education of the Bar (CEB) authors and lecturers.

The following are not considered honoraria:

1. Performance fee payments to individuals or groups for professional services not directly related to academic functions.

2. Payments to independent consultants providing primarily professional or technical advice to the University in an independent contractor relationship.

3. Payments to faculty consultants who hold a faculty appointment and who provide specialized professional or technical advice to a campus extramurally supported project or to an activity supported from University funds.

4. Additional compensation for Summer Session Teaching, University Extension Teaching, University Extension Correspondence courses or Extramurally Funded Research.


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Academic Personnel Manual, Section 666
Senior Management Personnel Policy II-30 Salary
Policy on Outside Professional Activiites for University Officers and Designated Staff
Walter E. Massey Letter to Chancellors, February 1, 1995

May 7, 1999; revised March 7, 2008