IDA 624

IDA624 - Redelegation of Authority to Execute Health Sciences Affiliation Agreements and Health Sciences Program Agreements

IDA 624

August 20, 2020


RE: Redelegation of Authority to Execute Health Sciences Affiliation Agreements and Health Sciences Program Agreements

Presidential delegation of authority DA 0916 sets forth chancellors' authority to execute affiliation agreements with other institutions or hospitals which do not involve direct financial obligation or commitment on the part of the university. The Chancellor delegated this authority to me in, IDA 623, dated August 19, 2020. I am redelegating the same authority to you as follows:

Authority to approve and execute affiliation agreements (as defined in Sec. 700-32: Health Sciences Affiliation Agreements and Health Sciences Programs Approval Procedures) with other institutions and hospitals, as long as the agreement conforms to the requirements of Sec. 700-32.

Authority to approve health sciences program (as defined in Sec. 700-32) agreements when a health sciences program involves an agreement or contract with a non-University of California school or agency, and if the program and agreement or contract have received the approvals described in Sec. 700-32, and provided that any proposed modifications of the standard agreement form for the health sciences clinical experience program are reviewed and approved by Chief Health Sciences Counsel. Any proposed agreements or contracts requiring regents' action must be referred to the regents.

This authority may not be further redelegated.


Signed copy

Steve A. N. Goldstein, M.A., M.D., Ph.D., FAAP
Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs
Distinguished Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Physiology & Biophysics, and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Stern
Vice Chancellor Khargonekar,Research
Vice Chancellor Cortez, Division of Finance and Administration
Director, Gibbons, Industry Sponsored Reasearch
Chief Executive Officer Chad Leferis, UCI Health System
Office of Campus Counsel
Director Bathke, Internal Audit
Controller and Assistant Vice Chancellor Husein, Accounting & Fiscal Services
Chief Procurement Officer and Director Bhatt, Procurement Services
Manager Gamby, Administrative Policies