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Buildings and Grounds: General Use

Sec. 900-30: Policy on Filming and Photography on the UC Irvine Campus

Responsible Office: Student Affairs
July 2023

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Contact: UCI Student Center & Event Services at (949) 824-5252 or scesfilm@uci.edu

A. Purpose and Principles of Use

This policy clarifies the circumstances under which filming and photography are allowed on the UC Irvine campus and its properties. This policy does not cover filming and photography at UC Irvine Medical Center.

Filming and photography are permitted on the UC Irvine campus and on property leased by the campus provided that such activity does not interfere with regular educational, research or outreach functions or previously scheduled events of the University and does not pose a security, health or safety risk. Further, the use or re-use of the filming or photography output must not be deemed inconsistent with the interests of, or in violation of, the policies of the University.

Explicit identification of UC Irvine as the location of external use filming or photography is not permitted unless approved in advance by the University through the Director – Student Center and Event Services. Approvals will be given only when deemed to be in the interest of the University.

No widely recognizable landmarks or highly sensitive locations of the University shall be filmed, photographed, or otherwise reproduced for any commercial purposes now or in the future. This includes, without limitation, the UC Irvine Anteater or any representation of the UC Irvine Anteater, health and medical facilities, faculty and staff residential housing and certain research laboratories. Portions of these areas may be used if approved by the Director – Student Center and Event Services. (See Section 700-20, Policy on Use of the University Name and Seal.)

All filmmakers must follow the Filmmakers Code of Conduct. Any production group or individual found in violation of this Code risks cancellation of its production and suspension of the organization or individual from further use of UC Irvine property.

B. Definitions

The following terms are used in the context and for the purposes of this policy only:

Campus Image: A still or moving image of UC Irvine property that can be readily identified by the public as UC Irvine property by architecture; landmarks; signage; the presence of prominent individuals; the inclusion of a logo, clothing or athletic uniforms; or any other means, including the appearance of a word, name, image, symbol or device associated with UC Irvine.

Filming: The capturing of moving or still images of UC Irvine property by any means or any media now known or that may be invented in the future including, but not limited to, film, videotape, digital disk or any electronic transmission to or via any medium, including the Internet.

Photography: The capturing of still images onto any compatible medium, or posting to the Internet, by any means or device now known or that may be invented in the future including, but not limited to, film cameras, digital cameras, electronic devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), etc.

News and Documentary Reporting: Filming or photography and transmission (with or without audio recording) by any non-student reporter.

C. Incidental, Non-Commercial Filming or Photography

Filming or photography by UC Irvine faculty, staff or students creating work to be used for non-commercial, educational or administrative purposes is considered incidental, provided it is done unobtrusively without interrupting campus programs, classes or activities and does not require any special campus services (Student Center and Event Services staff, traffic control, etc.).

Permits are not required for incidental, unobtrusive, non-commercial filming or photography by faculty, staff, students and visitors to the campus.

Campus images are owned by The Regents of the University of California. Anyone engaging in incidental, non-commercial filming or photography must ensure that his/her use or any re-use of such images is appropriate and protects the intrinsic value of the UC Irvine name, its visually identifiable campus landmarks and logos, whenever protected as trademarks or otherwise. Images may be used for commercial purposes only with written permission from Student Center and Event Services.

D. Internal Use Filming or Photography

Internal use refers to all non-incidental, non-commercial use filming or photography by members of the University community and filming or photography contracted for by a UC Irvine department or unit over which UC Irvine has artistic and creative control. Departments or units that engage the services of non-University staff (e.g., a commercial photographer or film company) for any internal use filming or photography must ensure that terms governing the use and re-use of any campus images are clearly stated in the Film Location Agreement with each contractor. Any department or unit that fails to do so will be responsible for the costs (if any), including attorney’s fees, of remedying the failure. Departments should seek to obtain all copyrights to works being created on their behalf.

Examples of internal use include, without limitation:

  • Broadcast or print media primarily for UC or UC Irvine use
  • UC Irvine student filming

All internal use filming and photography requires a permit.

E. External Use Filming or Photography

External use includes filming and photography on the Irvine campus for commercial or non-commercial purposes for which The Regents will not own the copyright in the work created. Examples of external use filming and photography include without limitation:

  • Theatrical release, broadcast or print media
  • Industrial use (e.g., trade show or intra-company, intra-industry use)
  • Editorial use
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Non-UC Irvine student filming

All external use filming and photography requires a permit.

F. News and Documentary Reporting

News and documentary reporting refers to filming or photography of the Irvine campus for transmission (with or without audio recording) by a non-student reporter. Requests for campus access for the purposes of news or documentary reporting should be made to the Office of Media Relations. Permits are not normally required.

Permit and location fees are not charged for news reporting at UC Irvine events or activities, or for documentary coverage of UC Irvine programs or research. A representative of the Office of Media Relations will accompany print, radio, television or online news crews. Questions and or disputes involving news reporting should be referred to the Director - Media Relations.

G. Permits

Permits for internal and external use filming and photography are issued by Student Center and Event Services. (See Section 900-31, Guidelines for Filming and Photography on the UC Irvine Campus.)

H. Fees

Filming and photography permit fees are determined by the Associate Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs and administered by the Director - Student Center and Event Services. Additional fees may be charged for University services requested or required in connection with filming or photography activities, such as police, grounds restoration, traffic control, and parking.

All external use filming or photography events will be charged a permit fee and location management costs related to the timeline of the project and supervision required by University personnel, as determined by the Director - Student Center and Event Services.