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Transportation and Distribution Services

Sec. 904: Policy on Parking, Transportation and Traffic Regulation

Responsible Administrator: Director - Transportation and Distribution Services
April 2012

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Contact: Transportation and Distribution Services at (949) 824-7275

A. Authority to Regulate

The University's authority to regulate parking, vehicles (including vehicles other than automobiles and pedestrian conveyances), and traffic on campus is conferred by Section 21113(a)(f) of the California Vehicle Code.

B. Parking Privileges

Parking on the UC Irvine campus or on properties owned, leased or contracted for University use is a privilege available only as provided by parking policies and regulations. Transportation and Distribution Services may revoke this privilege because of theft or misuse of parking services or facilities.

C. Consultation and Communication

Transportation and Distribution Services will consult with appropriate campus groups when developing new services and when considering rate changes. This will include Academic Senate committees, Associated Students of UCI (ASUCI), Associated Graduate Students (AGS), and UCI Staff Assembly.

Changes in parking policies or regulations are effective upon approval by the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor - Administrative and Business Services. The UCI community will be notified in a timely manner prior to implementation of changes.

D. Parking Fees

The 1960 Master Plan of Higher Education established the principle that faculty, staff and students should pay for parking. As a self-supporting auxiliary enterprise, Transportation and Distribution Services receives no State or campus appropriations, in accordance with UC Business and Finance Bulletin, BUS 72.

Annual revenue derived from University parking fees supports the cost of operating, maintaining, and developing University parking and alternative sustainable programs, traffic management, and related services. Parking fees shall be set to retire debt obligations and to meet debt coverage requirements.

No person or organization shall be permitted to use University parking or transportation facilities or services without payment of the appropriate fee.

E. Laws and Enforcement on the UCI Campus

The California Vehicle Code laws, the ordinances of the City of Irvine, and the parking and traffic regulations of UCI are in effect at all times on University property and are enforced by Transportation and Distribution Services and the UCI Police Department.

F. Parking Facility Use, Designation, and Closure

Transportation and Distribution Services reserves the right to limit the use of parking areas to specific vehicle types as required by facility design or aesthetic considerations, change any parking zone designation, and close any parking area either temporarily or permanently. Notice of parking area changes or closings are provided as warranted.

G. Responsibility for Compliance

The operator of a vehicle on property owned, leased or contracted for University use is responsible for complying with all parking and traffic laws, ordinances and regulations and is subject to the established penalties for violation.

If a vehicle owner's identity cannot be determined, as in the case of a parked vehicle, the University considers the vehicle's registered owner liable for parking penalties imposed by the University, in accordance with California Vehicle Code 40200(b).

H. ADA Accessible Parking

Only individuals who have obtained an authorized DMV-issued Disabled Person placard are allowed to park in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible spaces. In accordance with California Educational Code 67301(b), faculty, staff, and students who are disabled are not exempt from the payment of fees for parking a vehicle on campus. Faculty, staff, and students who have DMV-issued Disabled Person parking placards must bring their placards, placard registration, and a photo ID to the Transportation and Distribution Services office to purchase a medical permit. For more information, see Section 904-10.

The number, dimensions, and locations of ADA accessible parking spaces and van-accessible ADA parking spaces are determined by ADA guidelines and specifications.

I. Liability

The Regents of the University of California assume no liability or responsibility for damage which may result from the use of parking facilities or services, or enforcement of regulations.

J. Fines and Forfeitures

Section 21113(a) of the California Vehicle Code authorizes the University of California to issue parking citations (tickets) and to establish penalty amounts. For more information, see Section 904-11.

K. Administrative Review of Citation (Parking Ticket) Issuance

A vehicle owner/operator who believes that a violation notice has been issued in error or in an improper manner may request an administrative review of the conditions for issuance of the citation. For more information, see Section 904-11.

L. Towing and Impounding Vehicles

Transportation and Distribution Services is authorized by Sections 21113a and 22651 of the California Vehicle Code to tow and impound (immobilize) vehicles. For more information, see Section 904-11.

M. Sustainable Transportation

Transportation and Distribution Services promotes the use of sustainable transportation to minimize vehicle trips by University affiliates in order to reduce pollution and increase compliance with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 2202, California Assembly Bill 32, and the American College & University President's Climate Commitment. For more information, see Section 904-12.