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Transportation and Distribution Services

Sec. 904-12: Sustainable Transportation Guidelines

Responsible Office: Transportation and Distribution Services
Revised: April 2012

References / Resources

  • South Coast Air Quality Management District, Rule 2202
  • UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures

Contact: Transportation and Distribution Services at (949) 824-5060

A. Purpose and Goals

The goals of UCI's Sustainable Transportation program are to reduce air pollution by limiting vehicle trips made to the campus by employees and students and to reduce the demand for parking on campus.

South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 2202 mandates that the University maintain an employee rideshare program and make a good faith effort to achieve a minimum Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR) set by SCAQMD.

As part of its compliance program, the University is required to submit an annual Employee Commute Reduction Plan to the SCAQMD. This plan includes details of campus employee ridesharing programs and incentives, and aggregate data collected from an annual employee commute survey.

The annual SCAQMD Employee Commute Survey tracks how employees travel to campus. The survey yields an AVR score and serves to illustrate the efficacy of UCI's commute reduction programs. Severe penalties may be assessed if the University fails to comply with the mandates of Rule 2202. As an employee of an institution subject to SCAQMD regulations, if selected, your completion of the survey is mandatory.

UCI encourages campus affiliates to use sustainable forms of transportation. Incentives are offered to registered participants who use less or non-polluting forms of transportation. Telecommuting and alternative work schedules are advocated to reduce the number of vehicle trips to campus.

Sustainable Transportation, a unit within Transportation and Distribution Services, coordinates bike, bus, carpool, shuttle, train, vanpool, and walk programs. Sustainable Transportation is located at 200 Public Services Building (building #7 on the campus map) and can be reached at (949) 824-RIDE (7433).

B. Responsibilties of Participants

  1. Compliance with Program Regulations

    Participation in UCI's Sustainable Transportation program is a privilege and not a condition of employment or enrollment at UCI. Sustainable Transportation management may refuse participation privileges to anyone who does not meet qualification requirements. Participants are expected to display courteous and safe behavior, and comply with all University policies, procedures, and specific program regulations. Failure to practice good conduct may result in revocation of program participation and incentive privileges. Abuse of incentives can also result in revocation of privileges by the Assistant Director of Sustainable Transportation or by the Director of Transportation and Distribution Services. Depending on the severity of the infraction or misconduct, the case may also be referred to an appropriate Dean, Vice Chancellor, or to the UCI Police Department.

  2. Registration
    1. Eligible employees and students may register for membership in Sustainable Transportation programs by visiting myCommute and submitting the requisite information. Annual registration is required for continued participation in Sustainable Transportation programs. Employees with an appointment of less than one year must re-register during each appointment period.
    2. Participants are responsible for notifying Sustainable Transportation of changes in status or choice of transportation mode for which they receive incentives.

C. Incentives

Only qualified UCI participants who have applied for Sustainable Transportation and commute by sustainable mode (bike, bus, carpool, shuttle, train, vanpool, and walk) programs can receive incentives. Participants who terminate, or are terminated, from the program are required to return remaining incentives. For information on incentives, visit Sustainable Transportation.

D. Walking and Cycling

A qualified employee who does not purchase a long-term parking permit and either walks or bikes to campus may register as a bike or walk commuter. Visit Sustainable Transportation for details.

E. Carpool and Vanpool Programs

  1. Carpool Program

    A shared-cost permit can be issued to two or more employees who regularly travel to work at the main UCI campus. All participants must pay their portion of the shared-cost permit (only one permit is issued to the carpool group).

    UCI employees are eligible to receive carpooling incentives if they have applied to participate in a UCI-sponsored carpool and meet specific requirements. Visit Sustainable Transportation for details.

    Drop-Off Incentives - Employees who are dropped off at the main UCI campus may receive drop-off incentives as long as they do not possess a regular parking permit.

  2. Vanpool Program

    A vanpool exists when a certified driver and at least five full-time passengers travel together from a designated departure site to the UCI campus in a UCI-designated vanpool vehicle. The Vanpool Program is open to all faculty, staff, and students who commute to the UCI campus, and to non-affiliated patrons who work in surrounding areas. Visit Sustainable Transportation for details.

    Vanpool participants who wish to drop out of their vanpool must provide the UCI Vanpool Coordinator with 30-day written notification of their intent to terminate participation.

F. Bus Passes

  1. University Pass Membership

    University Pass membership provides students, staff, and faculty on the UCI main campus with unlimited access to Orange County Transportation Authority's (OCTA) standard bus system. Qualified participants may purchase a University Pass at Transportation and Distribution Services with cash, check, all major credit cards or through a one-time payroll deduction. The University Pass membership is not available to employees who hold a monthly parking permit of any kind. The University Pass program is managed by Transportation and Distribution Services and OCTA.

    1. Refund of University Pass Membership

      University Pass membership may be refunded based on the OCTA 30-day bus pass rate. To receive a refund, the University Pass must be returned to Transportation and Distribution Services.

    2. Lost/Damaged/Stolen University Pass

      If the University Pass is lost, stolen or damaged, it may be replaced at Transportation and Distribution Services. A replacement fee will be assessed for any lost University Pass.

  2. OCTA 30-Day Pass

    OCTA 30-day bus passes may be purchased at Transportation and Distribution Services. These passes are non-refundable. Transportation and Distribution Services will not replace any lost/stolen/damaged OCTA monthly pass.

G. Commuter Rail

Transportation and Distribution Services offers a 20% rebate to UCI employees and students who present proof of Metrolink or Amtrak monthly or ten-trip pass purchase, and do not purchase a long-term UCI parking permit. UCI employees must be on active pay status and students must be currently enrolled to be eligible for this incentive.

To obtain this rebate, employees must submit the original ticket along with the appropriate ticket submission form. For forms and rebate details, visit Sustainable Transportation.

H. Shuttle Services

  1. Campus Shuttles

    ASUCI’s Anteater Express provides shuttle service throughout the campus and certain off-campus destinations. For routing and bus schedules, visit Shuttle Services.

    Employees who register with Sustainable Transportation as using the Anteater Express as their primary commute mode may qualify for Sustainable Transportation Incentives. Visit Sustainable Transportation for details.

  2. UCI Medical Center Shuttle

    The UCI Medical Center Shuttle provides shuttle service between the UCI campus and UCI Medical Center in the City of Orange for UCI affiliates with valid UCI identification. For shuttle schedule and route information, visit Sustainable Transportation.

I. Guaranteed Ride Home Program

All active UCI employees registered in the Sustainable Transportation program are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRHP). This service is to be used only in cases of serious illness or emergency. Sustainable Transportation will arrange transportation from the campus to the participant's home or other destination at no cost. Participants may use up to two GRHP services in a one-year period.

J. Leaving the Sustainable Transportation Program

Participation in the Sustainable Transportation Program can be terminated at any time. A participant wishing to buy a long-term permit after leaving the Program will have their incentive permit usage calculated and be required to pay an equivalent fee if permit usage exceeded their monthly allotment (determined by mode choice).