Policy Management

Policy Management Process

Policies and procedures hosted on the UC Irvine Administrative Policies and Procedures webpage are public documents that have broad application to members of the UC Irvine community and are not specific to a particular division, unit/department, or office. Policies are governing directives that mandate and constrain actions. Procedures are high-level step-by-step descriptions of required actions that the UC Irvine community must follow to implement a policy consistently. Policies and procedures are housed in The Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM).

Policy owners are responsible for maintaining their administrative policies and/or procedures. Policy and procedure management includes:

  • Reviewing per the standard review cycles of three years
  • Contacting the Administrative Policies & Procedures Office to initiate off-cycle updates (including recissions and technical edits)
  • Delivering communication and training to members of the UC Irvine community
  • Responding to policy-specific inquiries

New Policy Development

A consultation with the Division Policy Coordinator and Administrative Policies & Procedures Office is required for any new policy development. After receiving approval from the respective department/unit head and division leadership, as appropriate (e.g., Vice Chancellor, Assistant Vice Chancellor), a unit can submit an email request to initiate a new policy to the Administrative Policies & Procedures Office. Information on the process for new policy development can be found in the New Policy Development Process Guidance

Additional guidance for policy management can be found in Sec. 103-11: Guidelines for Writing and Publishing Administrative Policies and Procedures.


Ellucid Policy Management System

There are 3 roles within the Policy management process

  • Policy Owner: user who can submit policies for review within the policy management system.  Policy owners also have the ability to edit and comment on the content of assigned policies
  • Policy Reviewer: user who has the ability to edit and comment on the content of assigned policies
  • Policy Approver: user who review and accepts policy content as updated and accurate.  Once a policy ais approved, it is published to the policy library and becomes available in the Policies & Procedures Manual (PPM)

With the click of button, Ellucid allows for:

  • Policy Owners to submit new policies and policy updates;
  • Reviewers to submit comments and edits; and
  • Approvers to approve documents

Ellucid manages the process from inception to completion, documenting and archiving all policy actions. Once approved, policies are published through the publicly available policy library on Ellucid and posted on the Administrative Policies & Procedures website.

Request Ellucid Access

To update an individual's access to the Ellucid policy management system, please fill out the request form here.

Training Materials

The training documents on this page are to assist with navigating and utilizing Ellucid. For additional assistance or to request in-person training, contact the policy office.