Policy Office Purpose

The UC Irvine Office of Administrative Policies and Procedures is the central administrative unit that supports the institution’s innovation and education initiatives through the coordination of systemwide and local administrative policies and procedures, systemwide and local delegations of authority, conflict of interest reporting and organizational chart maintenance. The Administrative Policies & Procedures Office utilizes the policy website to make this information widely accessible to UC Irvine’s community and increase individual and departmental compliance. The Administrative Policies and Procedures website is maintained by the Administrative Policy and Compliance Specialist.

The information contained within this website applies to all UCI units, including UCI Health and other off-site locations. Questions about specific policy content should be directed to the responsible department identified in the policy section.

Policies & Procedures

UCI implements systemwide policies by issuing local guidelines, procedures, and delegations of authority. The Policy and Compliance Specialist coordinates UCI’s Administrative Policies and Procedures. University activities are governed primarily by systemwide policies. Campus policies are developed to address specific campus needs.

Delegations of Authority

The University of California is governed by a Board of Regents, which under Article IX, Section 9 of the California Constitution has “full powers of organization and governance” subject only to very specific areas of legislative control. In the Standing Orders of The Regents, certain authorities are conferred upon the President by the Board. The President may choose to transfer certain responsibilities to other senior officers, including Chancellors of the campuses, by formally delegating authority in a published form.

The Chancellor at UCI may further delegate specific decision-making authority and financial, administrative, and management responsibilities to specified administrative officials formally via a delegation of authority letter. The delegations are published locally as Irvine Delegations of Authority (IDA) and are coordinated and published by the UCI Office of Administrative Policies and Procedures.

Conflict of Interest

The Policy and Compliance Specialist also serves as UC Irvine’s Conflict of Interest Coordinator, tracking submission of Form 700 by campus officials who are required to disclose personal financial interests annually in accordance with the position’s assigned disclosure categories. Reportable economic interests include:

  • Investments in business entities (e.g., stock holdings, owning a business, a partnership)
  • Interests in real estate (real property)
  • Sources of personal income, including gifts, loans, and travel payments
  • Positions of management or employment with business entities

Organizational Charts

The organizational charts housed on the Administrative Policies and Procedures website serve as the office reference documents for senior leadership within academic and administrative units. The charts are considered current, with the date of last revision indicated in the top right corner. Each unit is responsible for communicating changes to the Policy and Compliance Specialist.

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Policy and Compliance Specialist

UCI Administrative Policy Manuals

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Policy Update Summary

This is a list of most recent policy updates in the last 12 months. Refer to Updates page for more information.

Rescinded Policies

Presidential Policies

  • Presidential Policy on Sustainable Practices underwent a systemwide review for revisions. Revisions include adding the new Climate Action and Anti-Racism, Diversity Equity and Inclusion and other edits to clarify intent and improve readability.
  • Presidential Policy on Developing and Maintaining Presidential Policies (Policy on Policies) underwent a systemwide review for revisions. Revisions include updating the title, scope, summary, and definitions for terms frequently used; adding additional requirements; adding responsibilities for the Policy Action Committee, Division Leader, Stakeholders and Required Reviewers; revision procedures and technical changes for readability and clarity.

Presidential Policies

  • Presidential Delegation of Authority DA2654- Revolving Fund Withdrawals was updated to replace DA2584.  This delegation from the President of the University of California to the Chancellor at UCI gives the authority to designate representatives of the University who sign checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of money or initiate electronic transfers of funds, provided that all such representatives are covered by fidelity bond.

Rescinded Policies

Presidential Policies

Presidential Policies

  • 715-22 Guidelines on Use of University Vehicles underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures and update links and titles
  • 900-33 Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drone Procedures underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures, update definitions and update links and titles

Rescinded Policies

  • 905-10 Police-General Procedures was rescinded because all pertinent and updated information can be found on the UCI Police Department web page.

Presidential Policies

Rescinded Policies

Presidential Policies

  • UC Policy on Anti-Discrimination underwent a systemwide review. Revisions aim to address the University's policies and procedures for responding to complaints of all forms of discrimination and harassment based on protected categories, including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation that applies to all staff, faculty and academic appointees, and students.
  • Sec. 710-10 Internal Audit Policy underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures and update links and titles
  • Sec. 710-11 External Audit Policy underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures and update links and titles
  • Sec. 905-30 Emergency Management Policy underwent technical revisions to update outdated definitions.

Office of the President

G-28 travel regulations underwent revisions to increase the maximum M&IE rate to $79 per day for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 based on the information published by the US General Services Administration.

BUS- 79 Expenditures for Business Meeting, Entertainment, and Other Occasions underwent revisions to increase in the maximum meal rates for entertainment, business meetings, and other occasions for the Fiscal year 2022-23 by 10%. This increase is in response to a 40-year high inflation rate and soaring food prices. In addition, the maximum per-person rate for meals and light refreshments includes only the cost of food and beverages for the donor and recruitment related events hosted by the President and the Chancellors. For all other events, the total cost of labor, sales tax, delivery fees or other services fee will continue to be included in the calculation of the maximum per-person rates for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and light refreshments.

Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace underwent revisions in response to the request of the President,  with support from The Regents of the University of California, to develop a Presidential Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace with equal applicability to faculty, staff, and student employees.

PPSM-2.210 Absence from Work underwent revisions to increase the pay calculation for Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB) from 70 percent to 100 percent of an employee’s eligible earnings. This increase is effective January 1, 2023.

PPSM-20 Recruitment and Promotion underwent a “required by law” review to further support the University’s commitment to pay equity and to align with California Senate Bill 1162 (SB-1162). Technical edits also include adding subsections to Section III.A and editing the use of the terms “applicant” and “candidate” for increased clarity. 

PPSM-30 Compensation underwent a “required by law” review to further support the University’s commitment to pay equity and to align with California Senate Bill 1162 (SB-1162) and added new Section III.B.1.d (Access to Salary Range Information).

  • Sec. 701-19 Payroll Certification System Guidelines for Federally Sponsored Projects underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures and update links and titles
  • Sec. 905-20 Driver Safety & Driving Records- DMV Pull Notice underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures and update links and titles
  • Sec. 715-16: Moving and Relocation Guidelines underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures and update links and titles
  • Sec. 905-50 Clery Act Compliance procedures  underwent technical revisions to clarify procedures and definitions to match the UCOP Interim Policy and update links and titles.

Office of the President

New UC Research Data Policy- was issued July 15, 2022 and is posted at http://policy.ucop.edu/. The intent of this new Presidential Policy is to clarify the ownership of and responsibility for research data generated during the course of University research, encourage active data management and sharing practices, and provide guidance with respect to procedures when a University researcher leaves the University. Ownership of Research Data by the Regents of the University of California is a long-standing precept originally articulated in Section 020 of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM-020), or Regulation 4. Specifically, APM-020 Part II. Sec. 5 states that “Notebooks and other original records of the research are the property of the University.”

Regents Policy 5309 University of California Employee Housing Assistance Program- underwent technical review and revisions to the title of this document was updated from Implementation Guidelines to Program Requirements per the recommendation of the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC).  In addition, the technical changes do not result in a material change to the Housing Programs, with the exception of the addition of the Zero Interest Supplemental Home Loan Program (ZIP Loan). This program addition was approved by the Regents in January 2022. The ZIP Loan provides an alternate housing assistance option to help support the recruitment and retention of eligible faculty and Senior Management Group (SMGs). Revisions also include updates to the general loan parameters and other administrative changes for clarity and consistency.
Policy on Vaccination Programs with Interim Amendments- underwent revisions to include a consolidation of all existing vaccination requirements other than the Student Immunization Policy, updated language consistent with current public health usage, and extended definition of Covered Non-Affiliate to include K-12 students and children enrolled in day care programs and camps sponsored by the University or operated at a University Facility or Location; as well as individuals enrolled in UC extension programs, continuing education, lifelong learning, seminars, workshops, and other non degree-granting educational programs, professional development, and/or recreational programs.
IS-5 Licensing and Operations of University Radio, Television and Microwaveunderwent technical revisions to include the newest policy template, corrected grammar and verbs to match policy language, added the functional e-mail address for the Coordinator: uc_fcc_licenses@ucop.edu, The requirement to print a copy of the FCC regulation was deleted - it is online and readily available at https://www.ecfr.gov/ and terms, role names and organization names were updated to reflect current conventions.