Policies & Procedures

Payment Approvals

Payment Approvals

To ensure responsible oversight of University assets, payment for certain within-policy activities may require an approval other than the department manager's. For activities or events that occur outside University policy, an exceptional approval is required in addition to the manager's. Listed below are selected payment requests that may require special approvals:

Activity UC Policy Source UCI Policy Source Authorized Approvers
Performance fees over:
$2,000 outside Student Affairs
$25,000 within Student Affairs
DA 1058 Section 712-12
IDA 052
Vice Chancellor, A&BS
Service agreements DA 1058 IDA 594 Vice Chancellor or Assoc Vice Chancellor, A&BS
Director, UCIMC
Dean, COM

Business Meetings & Entertainment
Within-policy entertainment events
Hospitality expenses while traveling
BUS-79 Section 701-20 Host of the event and a level-up approver
Business meetings
Programmatic activities
On-the-job meals
BUS-79 Section 701-20 Department head (or equivalent authority)
Holiday events
Cash to non-profit w/meal
Spouse attending event
Employee recognition and morale-building events
Tickets to entertainment or sporting events
Exceptions to policy
BUS-79 Section 701-20
IDA 444
Exec Vice Chancellor
Campus Controller
Vice Chancellors
Associate Chancellor
Assoc Exec VC
Assoc Vice Chancellors
Director-Intercollegiate Athletics
Honoraria (see also Quick View: Honoraria)
Honoraria up to $5,000
(Payments to UC faculty require EVC approval, limited to $1,000 per event and exceptions to $2,000 per event. Faculty who are also Senior Managers are not eligible.)
IDA 449 Exec Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellors
Honoraria up to $10,000 D-371-35 IDA 449 Executive Vice Chancellor
Honoraria over $10,000 D-371-35 IDA 449 Chancellor
Memberships in other than social organizations G-43   Department head or designee (Form U242, an equivalent form, or electronic record must be on file)
Social memberships G-43   Chancellor
Reimbursement to employee for an unauthorized purchase (neither PAL card or P.O. was used)

Reimbursement for direct vendor billing without a P.O.(except for membership dues and registration fees)
BUS-43, Section III, Part 1, H Section 707-10 Department head or designee

Over $500: Director-Purchasing & Risk Svcs
Staff personnel G-13 Section 715-16 Vice Chancellors
Academic personnel G-13 Section 715-16
IDA 588
EVC/P designee
Missing receipts
Payment for another's expenses
IRS Pub. 463
IDA 324 Approvers of exceptions to travel policy

Private aircraft, within policy G-28 IDA 107 Director-Purchasing & Risk Svcs
Private aircraft, outside policy G-28 IDA 107 Chancellor

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Accounting Office - Accounts Payable
(949) 824-3662


Federal/State Laws 
IRS Publication 463, Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses
California Fair Political Practices Commission
  The Political Reform Act
  Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700

UC Business and Finance Bulletins
  BUS-79, Expenditures for Entertainment, Business Meetings, and Other Occasions
  BUS-43, Materiel Management (BUS-43, Section III, Part 1, H. Unauthorized Purchases)
  G-13, Policy and Regulations Governing Moving and Relocation 
  G-28, Policy: Travel Regulations

Accounting Manual
  D-371-35, Disbursements: Honorarium Payments

UC Delegations of Authority
  DA 1058, Execution of Agreements

UCI Administrative Policies & Procedures
  Section 700-09, Policies on Gifts, Gratuities and Conflict of Interest
  Section 701-06, Processing and Distribution of Checks
  Section 707-12, Guidelines for Securing Services of Independent Contractors
  Section 712-10, Guidelines for Securing the Services of Independent Consultants
  Section 712-12, Guidelines for Performance Agreements

UCI Delegations of Authority
  IDA 588, Removal and Moving Expenses: Academic Appointees 
  IDA 052, Performance Agreements for Concerts, Lectures, Rental of Films and Various Theatrical or Musical Productions (Service Agreements) 
  IDA 107, Approve Use of Private Aircraft
  IDA 594, Service Agreements
  IDA 449, Honoraria
  IDA 444, Exceptional Approval for Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions

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