UCI Procedures

Sec. 103-11 Guidelines for Writing and Publishing Administrative Policies and Procedures

Sec. 103-12 Delegation of Authority and Signature Authorization

Sec. 105-10 Guidelines for Regents' Agenda Items

Sec. 300-01 Human Resources Department

Sec. 300-10 Background Check Procedures

Sec. 300-12 Guidelines for Campus Temporary Employment Services (CTES)

Sec. 300-13 Guidelines for Volunteers

Sec. 300-14 UCI Catastrophic Leave Program Guidelines

Sec. 300-15 Work-Related Accidents and Injuries Procedures

Sec. 300-17 Transitional Work Program Guidelines

Sec. 400 Academic Personnel Office

Sec. 401 Academic Senate Office

Sec. 402-10 Endowed Chairs - Procedures

Sec. 420-11 Procedures for Student International Activities

Sec. 480-10 Office of Research

Sec. 483-40 UCI Implementation Guidelines for Tobacco Industry Funding of Research

Sec. 500 UCI Food Service Guidelines

Sec. 501 UCI Housing Services Guidelines

Sec. 502 Preadmission Medical and Physical Examination Guidelines for New and Returning Students

Sec. 680 University Advancement

Sec. 680-11 Procedures for Processing Acceptance of a Gift/Private Grant

Sec. 700-03 Guidelines for Relations of University Employees with State and Federal Officials

Sec. 700-06 Guidelines for Reporting Improper Activities and for Filing Complaints of Retaliation for Reporting Improper Activities

Sec. 700-11 Guidelines on Subpoena, Subpoena Duces Tecum, and Deposition Subpoena

Sec. 700-13 Guidelines for Reimbursement of Gift Purchases

Sec. 700-17 Guidelines on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

Sec. 700-18 Guidelines on Discrimination and Harassment

Sec. 700-31 Procedures for International Academic MOUs and Agreements

Sec. 700-32 Health Sciences Affiliation Agreements and Health Sciences Programs Approval Procedures

Sec. 700-33 Implementing Procedure for Presidential Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace

Sec. 701 Accounting Office

Sec. 701-01 Guide to Reading General Ledger Account Codes

Sec. 701-03 Payments to Human Subjects - Procedures

Sec. 701-04 Guidelines for Fiscal Closing of University Accounts

Sec. 701-06 Processing and Distribution of Checks

Sec. 701-08 Procedures for Control of Expenditure and Income Funds

Sec. 701-10 Federal Funds Administrative Procedures

Sec. 701-11 Procedure for Establishing or Changing Accounts and Funds

Sec. 701-12 Guidelines on Sales and Use Tax

Sec. 701-13 Signature Authorization Procedures

Sec. 701-15 Documentation of Financial Transactions - Procedures

Sec. 701-17 Cost Transfers (Non-Payroll) - Procedures

Sec. 701-18 Cost Transfers (Payroll) - Procedures

Sec. 701-19 Payroll Certification System Guidelines for Federally Sponsored Projects

Sec. 701-20 Business Meetings and Entertainment Guidelines

Sec. 703-10 Budget Office Terms and Definitions

Sec. 703-11 Amendments to the Operating Budget Policy

Sec. 704-10 Campus Cashiering Procedures for Handling Cash and Cash Equivalents

Sec. 704-12 Petty Cash Procedures

Sec. 704-13 Check Endorsement Procedures

Sec. 704-15 Non-Student Accounts Receivable Management Procedures

Sec. 704-16 Student Accounts Receivable Management Procedures

Sec. 705-10 Correspondence Guidelines

Sec. 705-12 Guidelines on Correspondence with Local, State, and Federal Officials

Sec. 705-16 Guidelines on Stationery, Business Cards, and Collateral

Sec. 706-12 Loan of Equipment - Procedure

Sec. 706-14 Property Requiring Special Handling - Procedure

Sec. 706-15 Fabricated Equipment - Procedure

Sec. 706-19 Physical Inventory of Equipment - Procedure

Sec. 706-20 Disposal or Transfer of University Equipment - Procedure

Sec. 707-10 Purchasing Procedures

Sec. 707-12 Guidelines for Securing Services of Independent Contractors

Sec. 707-16 Procedures for Departmental Purchase of Library Materials

Sec. 711 Guidelines on University Self-Insurance

Sec. 712-10 Guidelines for Securing the Services of Independent Consultants

Sec. 712-12 Guidelines for Performance Agreements

Sec. 714-16 Procedures for Accessing University Administrative Information Systems

Sec. 714-17 Using University Administrative Information Systems

Sec. 715-16 Moving and Relocation Guidelines

Sec. 715-22 Guidelines on Use of University Vehicles

Sec. 718 Foreign Students and Foreign Scholars: Visa Guidelines

Sec. 720-10 Information from Public Records (California Public Records Act) - Guidelines

Sec. 720-11 Privacy of and Access to Information (Excluding Student Records) - Guidelines

Sec. 720-12 Student and Student Applicant Records - Guidelines

Sec. 721-10 Records Management Guidelines

Sec. 800-10 Telecommunications System Guidelines

Sec. 800-11 Campus Radio Systems Guidelines

Sec. 800-12 Data Communication Systems Guidelines

Sec. 800-13 UCInet Guidelines

Sec. 800-15 UCI Guidelines for the UC Electronic Communications Policy

Sec. 800-17 UCI Implementation Guidelines for Notification in Instances of Security Breaches Involving Personal Information Data

Sec. 800-18 Security Guidelines for Computers and Devices Connected to UCInet

Sec. 800-20 ZotMail Guidelines

Sec. 802-10 Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation Guidelines

Sec. 900-11 Guidelines for Scheduling Campus Properties through Student Center & Event Services

Sec. 900-14 Access Regulations for Employee Organizations

Sec. 900-17 Guidelines on Display of National and State Flags

Sec. 900-19 Guidelines on Scheduling General Assignment Classrooms for Academic Instruction

Sec. 900-23 UCI Guidance Concerning Disruption of University Activities

Sec. 900-31 Guidelines for Filming and Photography on the UC Irvine Campus

Sec. 900-32 Guidelines for the Design and Placement of Banners on the UC Irvine Campus

Sec. 900-33 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drone Procedures

Sec. 901-10 Capital Planning

Sec. 901-11 Procedure for Naming University Properties, Programs, and Facilities

Sec. 901-12 Environmental Planning & Sustainability

Sec. 901-13 Design & Construction Services

Sec. 902-10 Guidelines for UCI Campus Services Provided by Facilities Managements

Sec. 902-12 Guidelines for the Conservation and Management of Energy and Water Resources

Sec. 902-13 Guidelines for Electronic Security Systems

Sec. 903-15 Guidelines on Acquisition and Use of Controlled Substances and Precursor Chemicals in Research

Sec. 903-30 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees Procedures

Sec. 903-31 Guidelines for the Public Access Automatic External Defibrillation Program

Sec. 904-10 Parking Definitions, Laws and Enforcement

Sec. 904-11 Parking Permits and Adjudication Guidelines

Sec. 904-12 Sustainable Transportation Guidelines

Sec. 904-13 Guidelines for Vehicles Other Than Automobiles

Sec. 904-14 VIP Service Program Guidelines

Sec. 904-15 Guidelines on Use of University Vehicles

Sec. 904-20 Guidelines on Conditions of Use of Tax-Free Alcohol

Sec. 905-10 Police - General Procedures

Sec. 905-20 Driver Safety and Driving Records: DMV Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program Procedures

Sec. 905-41 Guidelines for Reporting Animal-Related Issues

Sec. 905-50 Clery Act Compliance Procedures